Prince St. Soho NY 2012 | Selling my t-shirts on the street.

I got into art through screen printing. I started a screen printing business with my friend Miguel Mendez sometime in 2006-07. At some point we wanted to start designing our own shirts to start a clothing line. The only problem is we had very different taste. So even though we supported each other and helped each other out, we decided we each should work on our own clothing line.

I started by making some sketches and playing around with photoshop and illustrator which I had no training in. I was able to come up with some interesting ideas most notably my vagabond character. I decided to work with some graphic designers to perfect my rough ideas. Once the line was done me and Miguel went to work printing the shirts.

The first place I sold my t-shirts was in Union Square back in 2008. Eventually I moved over to Prince St. in Soho. My first day at Union Square I made $120 in just a 4 hour day at the time selling my shirts for $20 a pop. At the time I thought I hit it big and I would never look back. Youthful exuberance I guess you could say.

Since then I’ve had many ups and downs, (mostly downs) but I still haven’t given up, at least not yet. Some of my setbacks include being arrested 6 times for vending without a license. Also I took a 5 year hiatus after I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and moved to the east end of Long Island. I still have many ideas I want to share and see if people like them. If I run out of ideas or money or both I guess I’ll call it quits for good.